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We Need Absolute Truth

We need absolute truth

I came across this illustration recently. It made me think about absolute truth in a world that lives according to relative truth. Maybe you want to throw it into your illustration notebook on Evernote for using later. If you have not read the posts about using Evernote for sermon preparation, check them out here.

Evernote for the preacher

Plato in The Republic, tells of a crew that came to the conclusion that their pilot was mad. He took observations of the stars. To them stargazing was foolish. They thought everyone knew that ships sail on the sea. The things that matter are the winds, tides, and currents. So they ignorantly confined the pilot to the hold. The result was a shipwreck. Sailors now know, they must depend for their direction on more fixed and certain matters than changing winds and tides.

We have never been without spiritual fixed stars to guide us. We have God Himself and His Word the Bible. Too many people look to what is changing in our world and base direction upon those changes. The result – shipwreck.

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