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Sermon Podcasting: Are you missing a valuable and cheap opportunity?

What an opportunity! The technology of today offers us the ability to reach farther than previous generations. That reach also comes at a much more affordable cost too. Consider it this way. At one time to have any type of sermon broadcast. For example, we will say radio. I would need a station, professional grade sound gear, and skilled engineers to put programming together. The cost was steep. This is without considering the cost of buying actual airtime.

Sermon Podcasting: Are you missing a valuable and cheap opportunity?

Today anyone can have a program available to the entire connected world. All you need is a recording device, which you already have. A channel, which you can set up in minutes. Some content, which you only need to record, edit and post. Boom! The whole world can hear your message.

So why is it that I see many churches who do not podcast their church services?

Here are three reasons why many churches do not make their services available online

  1. Expect it to be costly. This is false, it is very cheap and very easy.
  2. Lack of knowledge. This is valid, but not a good reason.
  3. Last, some churches do not want to. If this is you? I disagree with you. But I do understand all the reasons why you would choose not to make your services available.

My story and how I started

My wife and I started Branches Church in 2015. From the beginning. I determined interested people would have an opportunity to experience a Branches’ service. They would get to experience what the preaching and teaching were like. I wanted to use video. But two things made me decide to put that off until we had become a more established church. First, it was an added burden to set up the video equipment and to manage the recording while ministering. Second, it was time-consuming for me to edit the service.

I decided the best option was to do an audio recording of service and set up a podcast channel. Never once have I regretted the decision. I am still surprised by how many people in our community listen to our services. Some people listen each week, and some of our saints go back to listen again to a message.

If you desire to get your recorded church service on a podcast or embedded on your website. I am going to share the easiest way I have found to get it done.

You can do it regardless of your church size and the equipment you have.

When Branches Church started we did not have a sound system or a digital recorder. I started recording our services using my iPhone on the podium with the mic unobstructed. Then I would use the built in memo recorder to record the teaching or preaching. It did great! Here is an example.

I would put that audio thru a free audio editor to clean it up and boost some levels. I then loaded the final product into Soundcloud. A free audio hosting platform that works well with all social media. It is also very easy to include a player on any website.

Other than an upgraded digital recorder. Today our church still uses the same process. It is efficient, cheap and connects you with people you may never reach.

Are you interested in starting?

The first step is to head over to Soundcloud and sign up for a free account. When you do, follow Branches Church and I will be sure our church gives your church a follow back. Then jump back here and check out Sermon Podcasting: Step by step.

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