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Evernote for the Preacher 6 organize a series

Organize that series

Today I want to share with you another way that I keep all that I am doing with sermons organized in Evernote. When I teach or preach a series I create an index document that links to each lesson or sermon within the series. Evernote calls this note a table of contents. This one note is valuable when trying to organize a series of lessons or sermons.

For example, currently I am teaching a series on the fruit of the Spirit during our midweek life groups. There are twelve lessons in the series. I could number them 1–12 that way I would always know on which lesson to start with and on which one to end. But with time I would have a notebook full of numbered lessons 1–12. Which I do not like, but if you prefer to have a bunch of numbered lessons you can. This tip could work for any way that you prefer to title your sermons or lessons.

Using tags in Evernote. I create a nested tag structure like the structure used in Evernote for the Preacher 3 for illustrations. I use the series title as the tag for the series. For example, this series title is “after his kind”. The series tag is then nested under the “.sermonseries” tag. I can then pull up every series to view by series title by clicking on the nested tag “.sermonseries”.

Table of contents

To create an index of the lessons in a series, I use the “create table of contents” feature in Evernote. The feature creates a table of contents of the notes you have selected at the click of a button. This is very handy. Because the viewing window limits options for viewing notes to five options.

Order viewing options

  • most relevant
  • in order by created date
  • in order by updated date
  • alphabetical by title
  • by note size

You could look at them by created date. This would show us the oldest most recent note in order. Presumably in the order in which taught or preached. I found that this works as long as I have not deleted notes or introduced a new version. If this were the case, the dates would be correct but the lesson progression out of order.

Instead of viewing the order by date created I have started to create indexes or tables of content. This has been a great way to navigate to the right lesson or sermon in a series without risking getting out of order.

How to create a table of contents note

organize a series
Organize a series by creating a table of contents note

To create a table of contents note. Select as many notes as you would like to include in a series. Once you have selected them you can add tags to all the notes if you have not already. To make a table of contents note click the “create table of contents note” button. This will create the table of contents in the order you see them in the viewing window.

Steps to create a table of contents note

  1. Select notes
  2. Add tags .sermonseries and title
  3. Click “create table of contents note” button
  4. You have now indexed your series with links to each sermon or lesson

    table of contents organized series
    Organized series table of contents


Another tip, if you use the app on a tablet to teach or preach from notes. When you go back to teach or preach a series that you already created a table of contents note. Create a shortcut to the table of contents note. This will make navigating to the sermon or lesson you are going to use in the series quick and easy.

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