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Evernote for the Preacher 5 four reasons why

Four reasons why I like Evernote for sermons?

Here are my top four reasons of why I use Evernote for sermon preparation, and keeping my sermons. Then I will give you the settings I use for preaching from Evernote.

1. 24/7 access to sermon notes

Evernote is built from the ground up specifically for notes. Are there any notes in the world that are better than sermon notes? None that I can think of. Not only does it handle these sermon notes perfectly, it also gives me access to every sermon I have ever added and anytime that I want it. Why have every sermon on my computer or in a filing cabinet when I can have them in my pocket. It makes me think of one of the first ever preaching pro tips given out. Be instant in season and out. That was Paul to Timothy.

2. Offline notebooks

This is rare but it has happened. Not having internet access could be a barrier, but with Evernote it’s not. Because you can set a notebook to be available offline. So my sermon notebooks and a few others that I have chosen are always synced up. This is valuable for me because in a week I will preach minimum one sermon, teach several life groups who are usually on different lessons, and teach various bible studies. I have all of that material at my fingertip. All I need to do is open Evernote.

3. Search

I wrote a lot about this in a previous post. So I won’t labor over it. Search is one of the most used features for me. I have yet to find myself looking for something in Evernote and not be able to find it. There was one thing I couldn’t find, but it turned out I had never put it into Evernote to begin with.

4. Collaboration

I feel that a sermon is improved thru collaboration. If someone suggests a tweak, better illustration, or even a really good point that resonates with me. I will add it! I am the proud thief of many a sermon thought. Collaboration within Evernote is so easy. You can send messages inside Evernote with a link to the note. Also, you can share the note, and give editing privileges. A person can even share the whole sermon notebook. I see this ability to collaborate in Evernote as having great future potential. Potential that I have just begun to scratch the surface of. Just this week a friend shared a great sermon he preached about having a right attitude, the illustration is great and I can see using it a few times.

There are many more reasons that I choose to preach and teach sermons directly from Evernote. But I wanted to give you just a couple of reasons why you should give it a test run. I also said I would give you how I set up my sermon note for preaching.

The Settings I use

Font – Helvetica
Font size – 24px (looks best to me on my tablet)

Sermon note on my iPad

If you hate scrolling and prefer to swipe through pages you can load your sermon note as a PDF file. It will give you that swipe you like, and the note is still searchable within Evernote.

Someone asked how I manage sermons from the past years. I created a stack that I named “sermons by year”. When the year ends I create a notebook for that year. Then move all of the notes in my “@sermons” notebook to the new notebook.

Got a question about my use of Evernote? Email me or comment below.

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